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Photos of the Freeforms
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Lion and Serpent

Image of lich

The ArchMage Cassius Malevolus ex Tremere, Second of the Conclave, holding court at the Grand Tribunal after his transformation into a Liche to better allow him to continue the fight against the vampiric elements of his House. A wonderful performace of the part played by Steve Round with makeup by Tansy Pye.
image of tremere

House Tremere's vampiric element is best represented by the founder of House and Clan Tremere. Pictured here is James Tucker after he was exposed by the death of the Primus Flambeau, Vancasitum, who exploded on death and tried to take the vampire with him.
Much to everyones annoyance the Prince of the Undead survived.
image of aeric Here we have Aeric ex Miscellanea, the physical vessel for the third of the Great Wyrms, Qarindaraigh. A person who has survived many of the Dragon Rising Freeforms. Morgan Nash is also responsible for many freeforms himself.
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