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The Lion and the Serpent

Following the success of the Dragon Rising Sequence, the six-game Ars Magica sequence of freeforms completed in late 1996, Machiavelli Games is proud to announce the The Lion and the Serpent which began with the Levantine Tribunal of 1187, the first in the sequence of games. The Levant will now be followed by games set in the Thebes Tribunal, Transylvania, The Rhine and finally, an Eastern Regional Extraordinary Tribunal, set in 1204.

As a caveat here at the beginning of the process, we would point out that some of the characters of the Lion and Serpent sequence, are designed as displaying attitudes of racism, intolerance and bigotry.
We would point out now, just to cover ourselves, that the attitudes displayed by these characters in no way represent the beliefs or views of their writers. That will perhaps serve as a hint as to some of the darker aspects of this sequence.
(It isn't our fault the players are so good at portraying those aspects of their characters)

Other Projects:

In February we saw one of Machiavelli Games's most energetic members, Morgan Nash, and the rest of the Gestalt Entity present Dead of Winter, the third in a continuing sequence of Ravenloft-based games. The next in this sequence will be in the Drow dominated realms.

In mid December 1997, Mortal Wombat presented the Feast of All Souls, a Vampire-based game set in Victorian London of 1888. There will be more from Mortal Wombat in the near future
Details and photos from the freeform is available for those interested, contact them via Email if you are interested in being involved in their next freeform.

Paul Carolan's sequence of Mage games continues onward with another freeform in June/July 1999 and he will also be running an Ars Magica freeform set in 824AD in February 1999. Please contact him via Email for more details.

Anyone with news of other freeform games upcoming, be they MG or otherwise, please contact Ian via Email and he will get the information updated herein!

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