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So Who are these People?
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An introduction to the Machiavelli Games writers by Ian Andrews :-

So who are MG? Well, pending the coyness of the various members, I will provide potted biographies for our roster.

I formed what was to become MG quite some time ago; partly to provide me with assistance in refereeing live games but mostly because I wanted people to talk to. The first member of MG to get the bug was Ann Macey, who has stayed with the team through thick and thin, and has provided us with some of the most stunning costumes imaginable, all sown by her fair hand, and several still in service after four or more years. Ann is always happy to take orders for costume, the more bizarre the better.
She is also official Keeper of the Team Sanity for MG, being the person most likely to be able to calm our spectacular pre-event panics by plying us with coffee and nicotine - both vital components of the creative process, with chocolate and beer. Ann was involved with me on Dragon Rising 2 (Normandy 1211) and has been with the team ever since.

The next lunatic to give up hearth and home to this twisted enterprise was Arwel Cooksey, who joined us just before DR3 (Rome 1214). Arwel has one of those flow-chart minds that can analyse a plot and instantly waterproof it for you; an invaluable member of the team, he is to be congratulated for his recent creation of another event; his second son, Vaughn, a healthy, bouncing baby future player. I am given to understand his wife, Michelle, may have played some part in this but I am unfamiliar with the details...

In the run-up to DR4 (Provence 1221, still my favourite of all of them) we gained two of the finest, most twisted minds imaginable, both of whom have been involved on a core level with plotting out the sequence since and all other MG projects; Eric Granger and Iz Lavigne. Eric's deviousness and the truly twisted and warped things he can do to the most innocent concepts are a matter of legend, and considerable terror to those who know him well, and Iz, aside from all her sterling work on plots and characters, also shouldered the awful task of site admin, finding us the brilliant locations we have used and clearing all of the administration while still working on the game itself. Tireless founts of energy and creativity, and the backbone of MG.

At the same time as Iz and Eric, we gained the services of Kev Margetts, who has been consistently the best on-the-floor referee in or out of MG any of us have ever seen. Kev has managed to clock more refereeing miles than the rest of us put together, and in addition to this handles all of our more complicated technical stuff like headsets, electronics and other suchlike works of the devil. Without the on-the-floor team, these games would never come off, and Kev has been priceless.

DR5 (Loch Leglean 1221) brought us two more new faces, both of whom have proved themselves the past-masters of the on-the-floor steering part; Gavin Hutchinson, who has consistently managed to panic even more than me about important stuff that I forget, and whose roleplaying abilities and way of taking the player's perspective have been great assets to us, and Emma Waite, who seems to be able to do absolutely anything (characters, plots, reffing, steering, you name it...) and who has been the steady rock in the middle of all the chaos these games generate.

Just before the climax of the Dragon Rising, we inducted a name who should need no introduction to those who know him; Paul Snow, the man whom I bow to as the unchallenged master of the devious plot. Paul's incisive and brilliant mind, counterbalanced by an everpresent concern for the enjoyment of the player, has proved one of the best additions to MG we ever made.

Finally, prior to work commencing on The Lion and the Serpent, we made the last addition to the team - another man who should need no introduction in the freeforming field. Morgan Nash is an inexhaustible fount of energy; aside from his own sequence of Ravenloft games, which have been running for several years with great popularity, he has committed himself to L&S with his usual exuberance and abandon, and has already produced some of the most impressive work we have seen to date.

And me?

I just write the damned things. I get the easy part...

Seriously, though, without the rest of the team, MG wouldn't have produced work like the Grand Tribunal, and I am confident in our abilities to keep you all entertained well into the next millenium. I have been accused in the past of being obesessed enough with these things to still be writing them on my deathbed; personally, I intend to be writing them for much longer than that...

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