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Photos of the Freeforms
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Lion and Serpent

Image of Mnemth

Here we have a small selection of the photos from the Grand Tribunal, the final of the Dragon Rising sequence.

At the top we have Mnemth, the Dragon of Doissetep, (played by MG ref Emma Waite) once more complaining that "...The Ape-form itches..."
image of demon

In the middle we have Andy Tranter preparing for his bit-part as the demon Marchosias, hiding outside the main hall ready for his dramatic entrance when the diabolist Primus Jerbiton is exposed.

Stood next to him is Pete Whale in costume as the ghost of the Archmage Tremides, about to point the finger at the beleaguered aforementioned diabolist
image of Morian Bottom we have the Archmage Morian ex Tytalus in a rare in-the-sun shot played by Dave Tate, suffering the aftereffects of the mammoth Tytalus -Flambeau debauchery competition the previous night. Honours were claimed by the Tytalus - just - when several Flambeau magi ran out of beer.
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