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[ dragon coiled ]

The Dragon Rising

Stonehenge - 1207 Complaints about the grip of control held by the covenant of Blackthorn and numerous diabolic scandals in the north of the Tribunal have led to an emergency meeting being called by Diogones Ex Guernicus, Monitor External.
Normandy - 1211 The Tytalus Domus Magna Fudarus and the great Tremere covenant of Albision are in a state of near-open war due to a clash of personalities between Archmage Morian, the Tytalus Primus’ second, and Archmage Cralian, the Tremere leader of Albision. Attempts to mediate this at a neutral covenant led to the murder of one of the Tytalus delegation, in response to which Morian levelled a wing of Albision, causing heavy mundane casualties. Diogenes again attends to try and mediate but his arrival at Tribunal is inexplicably delayed. Septicemius, a senior Bonisagus Archmage, also attends to try and assist.
Rome - 1214 This tribunal begins explosively with news of three deaths; Buliste, the Tytalus Primus, has passed on in Normandy and Oxioun has assumed Primacy, moving the seat of power for the House to Provence. Arliandus, the Quaesitor Primus, has been assassinated, and his will specifies an open election to determine his successor as Primus Tytalus. Septicemius again appears to adjudicate, but is notified during the Tribunal of the death of Avarret, the Primus Bonisagus and First Mage of the Order.
Provence - 1221 Held at the massive covenant of Doissetep, arguably the most politically powerful covenant in the Order, this proves to be a crux point for the Order of Hermes. Increasing rumours of vampiric corruption in House Tremere are met with the return of Cassius Malevolus, apparently out to nail Caius Lothario, who is under the protection of the senior Doissetep magi after betraying House Tremere and admitting he was vampiric.
Loch Leglean - 1221 Held in the Highlands of Scotland amidst what seems to be an unnatural winter the tribunal awaits the arrival of Lord Borellus and his party. Other information is hard to come by as there is only one Redcap resident. Loch Leglean is the Tribunal that saw the founding of house Ex Miscellanea in 816 AD.
Grand Tribunal - 1228 The last of the Dragon Rising held in high summer at the great covenant of Durenmar, Domus Magna Bonisagus.
All the previous tribunals business needs to be ratified here. The main issues being raised concern Vampirism, the Diedne, and the subject of Mind Control.

[ lion ]

The Lion and the Serpent

Levantine - 1187 The Emergency Tribunal called by Ligeia the Raptor, Monitrix Extern to put an end to the fighting between Crusaders and Crescentine Covenants and finally elect a Praeco.
Thebes - 1191
Transylvania -
Rhine -
Eastern Regional
Extraordinary Tribunal - 1204

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