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Recent Updates to Web Site
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Updates to Machiavelli Games Web Site

2nd December 1998 - Major alterations to site design (someone didn't like the colour so blame them)
22nd September 1998 - Added full HTML version of Normandy Characters.
8th August 1998 - Added links to Ann Macey, and Wayland's Forge
Added full HTML version of Stonehenge Characters.
14th June 1998 - Added section of Machiavelli Resources.
Excerpts from the Durenmar Library
Glossary of Bonisagus Terminology
19th May 1998 - Added recent developments to Loch Leglean
A few other minor changes made.
7th May 1998 - Added additional information to Loch Leglean
Added this page for people to know what I have added recently.
5th May 1998 - Added the Faqib and Ali pages to the Levant Tribunal
28th April 1998 - Added additional photos from the Lion and Serpent

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