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Machiavelli Games is a writing collective for Freeform games; roleplaying games played live, over an extended period (usually an evening or two) where the players actually act out the parts of the characters physically, interacting with each other and finding their way through the tortuous political and moral maze the writers have constructed for them to explore.

Machiavelli Games have existed as an entity since early 1993 and have had a fair turnover of members in it's time. Currently the writers number 10, and a more devious and twisted bunch it would be hard to imagine.
Our events have proved popular in the past, with our Magnum Opus, the 1228 Grand Tribunal, based on the Ars Magica roleplaying system, catering for 110 players over the course of three days at a hired stately home in central England.

Whilst MG's games in the past have primarily been based around the Ars Magica system, we have had a hand in or been associated with several other games; the Mortal Wombat collective, who write live games for the Vampire system, number several Machiavellians in their ranks, and additionally, several other games based on various backgrounds (AD&D and Cthulhu to name a few) and several historical and pseudo-historical settings are currently in the works - for more information, see "Forthcoming Events".

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